Volunteer Flags

OMRRA Flag Descriptions

Each turn has yellow, yellow/red striped, white with a red cross, red with “P” and “G”, and red flags. In addition Start/Finish and Turn 4 have black flags, and Start/Finish has green, white, and checkered flags.

OMRRA flag signals are:

  • Green . Start, course is clear
  • Crossed flags (green & white furled) – Race half-complete
  • White – Last lap
  • Checkered – End of race
  • Red – Race stopped, proceed slowly
  • Red “P” & “G” – Return to “Pit” or “Grid”
  • Standing yellow . Caution, hazard ahead
  • Waving yellow – Immediate danger ahead, no passing
  • Yellow/red stripes . Oil or debris on the track
  • Yellow/red triangle pointed up – rain falling
  • Yellow/red pointed at rider – Get off racing line, go to next turn station
  • Black – Exit track, report to pre-grid