Track Days

OMRRA racers and Pacific Northwest track day riders – for the 2018 season OMRRA will partner with Optimum Performance Rider Training (OPRT) to offer Friday track days before all OMRRA race weekends at @PIR!   Go to for early-bird prices through February 28, and registration details.  We will run 4 sessions per hour, with a lap-time limited Fast group, and a lightweight motorcycle ONLY session in May, July, August and September – we’re talkin’ to you RC390, R3 and Ninja 250 people!  

OPRT will run four groups each hour, 15 minute sessions.  All track days will have slow, medium and fast groups.  In April and June the fourth group of the hour will be OMRRA Novice School.  The remaining four dates (May, July, August, September) the fourth group will be Lightweight motorcycles ONLY, including Ninja 250-400, KTM RC390, Yamaha R3 and the like, aligned with OMRRA’s popular race classes.

Groups will be limited to no more than 35 riders to ensure a quality experience.  Lap time limitations will be established and policed, in particular to keep the Fast group Fast-Only, at 1:15 and below.

OMRRA Racers can purchase a season pass as part of the annual OMRRA race membership process for $995, good for the six PIR rounds, available ONLY until January 31.  Season passes are full-season, non-refundable and non-transferrable, but do give you $165/day pricing and secure your spot in the Fast group (or other if you choose).   ALL other track day purchases are done through Optimum Performance. is where any rider, OMRRA or not, can go for track day purchases.  Through February 28, single day passes are $179, and PIR season passes are $995.   From March 1st on, the daily price is $199, and season pass availability will close.  No ½ day or ½ season options available.

Rider Training:
OPRT offers a limited number of highly focused new rider instruction slots in their slow group.  Price is an additional $50.  Instructor ratio is either 1:1 or 2:1.  The next generation of safer street riders and OMRRA racers both start with excellent track day instruction (this is OPRT instruction for riders new to the track, not OMRRA Novice School).

Other OMRRA-friendly and aligned details:
The OMRRA Air Fence crew will be hard at work, setting up protective barriers to the same standard as our race weekends – a factor of safety not available at other PIR motorcycle track days.

Fridays before OMRRA chicane weekends the slow, medium and lightweight groups will run the chicane, while the fast group will not – following our race approach.  The chicane adds an extra 3 turns to the normal PIR layout.

The partnership with Optimum Performance does mean the end of OMRRA Saturday Track Days.

See you at the track in 2018 on Fridays!