Taste of Racing

Taste of Racing (TOR) is a chance to experience the thrill of riding Portland International Raceway (PIR).

TOR is on track at noon on Sunday each OMRRA race weekend. Sign up at the base of the Race Tower, located in the inside pit area near Start/Finish, by 11:00 a.m.

$20 buys a controlled twenty-minute guided session on the track. Proceeds benefit the OMRRA Injured Rider Fund.

We do not run the event in wet conditions. Must have at least 10 bikes to run. 35-bike maximum, so sign up early!

After participating, we hope you’ll catch the racing bug and join OMRRA’s next Track Day, or even our New Racer School. Also, consider volunteering to corner work alongside our experienced staff. 


  1. Attendance at the Rider Meeting immediately before your track session is mandatory.
  2. Your bike and riding gear will be inspected. For your safety OMRRA reserves the right to deny track access to inadequately prepared riders and/or equipment.
  3. Motorcycle limitations: bike must be year 2000 or newer, minimum 650cc twin or 600cc triple or four-cylinder bike. Sorry, no motards, dirt bikes, cruisers or scooters.
  4. Motorcycle inspection: bike must be clean and in generally good repair with at least 50% tire tread remaining, and properly functioning brakes, throttle and suspension. Chain should be recently lubricated. Absolutely no leaks or drips. No loose parts.
  5. Gear requirements: full-face helmet (Snell 2010 minimum, no flip-ups), leather gloves, over-ankle boots, motorcycle jacket, back protector, and pants (leather or textile ok, two-piece must zip together). No jeans.
  6. Do not pass the control rider.
  7. No wheelies, no stunts, etc.
  8. Keep a 6ft buffer if passing other riders. Passing only allowed on the front and back straight.
  9. Do not slow down in your group in order to gain excess speed when catching up.
  10. No drugs or alcohol.
  11. Minimum age 18. Please show photo ID.
  12. Personal health insurance required.