OMRRA Rules Committee

Email [email protected] for rules proposals, meeting times, or to become a member of the rules committee

  • Committee Members: Keith DiBrino, Matt O’Rourke, Chris Page, Alex Taylor,¬†Hannah Johnson, Daric Cheshire, Andrew Cox, Tullio Cellano
  • OMRRA Rules Process:
    • Any Member may submit a proposal to the Rules Committee
    • Submissions are accepted April-September each year, and must be made in writing
    • The Committee evaluates all suggestions via email
    • Proposals affecting sections A, B, C and D of the Rule Book are voted upon by Membership
    • All other sections of the Rule Book are administered by the Rules Committee with approval from the Board of Directors
    • Voting occurs in October-November each year via electronic ballot
    • Proposals that pass by a simple majority become part of the Rule Book the following season
    • An updated electronic version of the Rule Book is posted online by January 1 each year
    • Rules Committee meetings are open to all Members.¬† For dates and times, please contact [email protected]