Pricing and Registration Policies

Track Access

Daily Gate Fee $10 Under age 12 and uniformed military personnel-free
Season Gate Pass $95 Six events (12 days), one pass per person, good for one season
Season Vendor Pass $50 For businesses that directly support OMRRA racing (example:tires, fuel). One pass per worker per day, limited to non-racers
Season Photo Pass $50 Requires signed acknowledgement of OMRRA Photo Policy. Guarantees photographer track access each race day.
Vending $0 free with paid daily gate fee


Race Fees

(gate entry also required)
Registration Fee $40 Non-Creditable
1st Trophy Class $80 Creditable*
2nd Trophy Class $80 Creditable*
3rd Trophy Class $60 Creditable*
4th Trophy Class $60 Creditable*
5th Trophy Class $40 Creditable*
6th Trophy Class $40 Creditable*
7th Trophy Class + $20 Creditable*

Late-Entry Fee**

$60/weekend Non-Creditable**

* First class is only creditable if rider does not turn a wheel at the event. If the rider does turn a wheel, in practice or race, the 1st class is non-creditable.
** Online entry deadline is Wednesday night, 11:59 pm, prior to the race weekend. All entries must be made through OMRRA’s TrackIntelligence system. A late-entry fee will be charged to any entries made after Wednesday, 11:59 pm prior to the race weekend. Any registration or entry changes after Wednesday night at 11:59 pm, must be made in person with our registration team at the track.

Registration at the track

Friday night registration and packet pickup is open 5:30pm to 7pm on the second floor of the tower.
Saturday registration: 7:15am-10am***
Sunday registration: 7:15am-9am***.

***Same-day class changes cannot be accepted after 10am Saturday and 9am Sunday to allow for grid creation. Please register online for all of the classes that you might race, you will be automatically credited for classes that you do not race (see below).

Credit Creation

No Show (did not turn a wheel at the event, no practice, no races)
All class entry fees are automatically credited to the racer’s TrackIntel account. The $40 Registration fee and Late-entry fee (if applicable) are not creditable.

DNS (practiced, but did not start any race)
If the racer turns a wheel in practice, but does not participate in any racing during the event, the $40 Registration fee and Late-entry fee (if applicable), and the first class entry fee are not creditable. All other class entry fees are automatically credited to the racer’s TrackIntel account.

DNS (raced, but not in all classes entered)
If the racer participated in some but not all of the the classes entered, all class entry fees were the racer did not appear on grid are automatically credited to the racer’s TrackIntel account.

Credit Use

Online – Credits will be available for use within the online TrackIntel system by the Wednesday following an event weekend. Credits will automatically apply to the balance due at Checkout.
At-track – Racers must inform registration staff of a credit balance, as our at-track registration process does not provide notification.

Refunds (new for 2017)

Refund checks are mailed automatically at the end of the calendar year for all remaining TI account credit balances.
Mid-season refund requests will be accepted by email.  The Mid-season processing fee is $20.

Questions about pricing, credits or refunds? Please email [email protected]