2020 OMRRA Contingency

The following programs are available for OMRRA Contingency:

How to Claim Contingency

Before you get to the track

Review the 2020 contingency programs linked above and their rules required for entry. Stickers required for compliance are available at Tech. W9 forms are available here and should be mailed to the sponsor, not OMRRA. Add the desired Contingency Sponsors to your OMRRA TrackIntel profile. Please ensure that your contingency sponsors are listed within your first three.

At the track before your race

When you pick up your registration, you’ll get a Contingency Tech sheet for each registered Motorcycle. Verify that the sponsors are correct. If there are issues, they can be corrected in the tower where you can get a new sheet. Sign the sheet and bring it, along with your contingency compliant motorcycle, to Tech. Give the sheet to a contingency inspector who will collect, check and sign the sheet when your bike is compliant.

After the race weekend

Preliminary contingency qualifications will be posted here during the week following the race weekend. Please verify that the results are as you expect. If there are any descrepancies or questions, please email [email protected] with “Contingency” in the subject line before the Sunday following the race weekend. The official results will be posted below once they are submitted.

Submitted Final Results:

July 2020: TBD