August 2020 Round at The Ridge

What You Need to Know to Race at The Ridge

  • Watch the Riders’ Meeting Video on YouTube
  • Sign the Entry Waiver
  • Registration Closes Thursday at 10 PM
  • Front Gate Opens Friday Night at 7 PM
  • Charge your transponder
  • It’s going to be hot this weekend, start hydrating now
  • Pack extra fuel for your generator

Hello OMRRA Members,

We are just a handful of days away from racing at The Ridge Motorsports Park with our friends from WMRRA. To make this weekend a success, to help our OMRRA racers navigate the different operations between the two clubs, and to provide information on the new COVID-19 protocols in Washington, we have put together this big fat email, so all the information is in one place for you to reference in the coming days.

Important WMRRA Contacts

Danielle Campbell – Registration: [email protected]
CJ Hobbs – Referee: [email protected]
Derick Clary – Rider’s Rep: [email protected]
Colt Bristow – Race Director: [email protected]
Craig Johnson – Volunteer Coord: [email protected]
Barry Wressell – President: [email protected]

Watch the Riders’ Meeting on YouTube

Other Important Web Links 

Race Day Schedule:!AtfSBjwmV185szdkSKykLRMHi03E?e=mYEWU3

WMRRA to OMRRA Class Points Conversion Table:!AtfSBjwmV185s0DXItzVPGVokrc7?e=TA7YpC

The 2020 Medical Form:

Current WMRRA Rulebook:

Face Masks Are Required at All Times at The Ridge

The August round is operating under special permission from the State of Washington, and if we want to race this weekend, and race on future weekends, we need to adhere to the requirements that the Governor’s office has laid out for this participant-only event.

This means that face masks and other similar face coverings will be required at all times while at the track. Also, social distancing of at least six feet is required when you are not in your pits. Similarly, pits should be set up with six to ten feet between them, or with a vehicle between them as a barrier.

There is no spectating. There may be one crew member per racer on the pit lane wall, but this person cannot be using a camera or smartphone while out there. Giving rider signals and taking notes is okay and encouraged.

Registration Closes August 13th at 10:00 PM

You can sign-up for your races on

Also, please send a copy of your medical form and a picture of your OMRRA race license to [email protected] before you try to register (you won’t be able to sign-up for races until you do this important step).

Be sure to get your registration done before 10:00 PM on Thursday night.

You Will Need to Sign a Waiver to Get into the Track

You must sign the online waiver prior to arriving at The Ridge. It is required.

After signing the waiver, you will receive a QR code that you will need to display to the track’s gate attendant. Keep that QR code as a screenshot and have it up and open on your phone upon entry, so you are not fumbling for it at the gate and holding everyone up.

After showing the QR code at the gate, you will be given a wristband, which you are required to wear for the entire weekend.

Remember, because of the COVID-19 restrictions in place in Washington, this round is restricted to racers, essential crew, and same household family members.

Racers get into the track for free with their race license. Anyone additional is $10 per person / per day. If someone will be with you both Saturday & Sunday you must pay $20 total.

Any non-racers – particularly vendors and visitors – must declare a rider host.

Thursday evening access is for registered MotoVixens Track Day attendees only, and subject to their rules of entry.

If you plan to enter on Friday evening, each vehicle must purchase a $20 camping pass / security.

There will be NO cash at the gate or registration. Pre-registration is required to attend the event.

If you have any issues registering, please make sure you have completed all requirements, and then email [email protected].

We Always Want More Volunteers

We always need more corner workers and race day volunteers. Air-fence set up will occur Thursday night, and we always need help tearing down on Sunday night as well.

Remember, since there is no spectating allowed during this round, being a race volunteer is the only way you will get to see the racing action. It’s fun, and it helps the clubs put on a great event.

Our friends at WMRRA were awesome in bringing down volunteers to our July races a few weeks ago, even though it wasn’t a co-round. So, it would be great if we could return the favor this weekend at The Ridge, especially since this event is on both clubs’ calendars.

Please contact WMRRA if you are interested in volunteering for this round and want more information: [email protected].

Where to Park and Setup Your Pit Space

There are some areas at The Ridge Motorsports Park that WMRRA reserves for sponsors and vendors. This includes the entire pit-lane wall. If you park on the pit wall, you will be told to move if you do not have prior authorization

The other reserved sponsor area is on the chain-link fence, directly behind the track entrance and exit.

Cars, trucks, and haulers need to be parked in the dirt at the far end of the pits.  Novices are encouraged to pit near “The Shire”, in “Novice row”.

Gate Calls and Announcements

As with most race schedules, The times are approximate and we are prohibited from using a gate-horn this year. Also, The Ridge has a shaky PA speaker system, so we suggest riders bring a UHF scanner and tune into our primary ops channel: 451.8000

The announcer will also be broadcasting on FM, and the PA speaker. We’ll announce the frequency once it is live at the track.

Other Things to Know

Race grid positions will be assigned via qualifying, like we did during the July round. This will add an element of fun to the event, and it means WMRRA and OMRRA racers all have the same fair shot at pole position.

WMRRA uses lights for their starting procedure. Please watch the WMRRA riders’ meeting on YouTube for a rundown on how this works at The Ridge.

There is no power at The Ridge, so you’ll need to bring a generator for your power needs. Generators must be turned off by 11:00 PM.

Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, and Pirelli, tires will be on site in Vendor’s Row. There is no gasoline vendor on site, but there is a gas station 3 miles away.

There are bathrooms and showers at the track.

We look forward to seeing you all on the grid this weekend. It’s going to be hot, so start hydrating now!

Stay Fast,
The OMRRA Board of Directors

New Track Protocols for July Racing at PIR

OMRRA Membership,

Attached here is a list of highly impactful changes in norms, behaviors, and expectations that we are required to communicate to you all based upon the conditions of PIR’s re-opening. It is imperative that every single person entering PIR next weekend read and follow every word of the attachment.

While we were not the authors of these requirements, we do support them 100% as only by following them will we be allowed to return to road racing at PIR. For any of you that don’t already know, PIR is different than any other track in that it falls under the control of the City of Portland—it is not a privately-owned track, and as such, the rules, and the accountability for following those rules, are substantially different.

We have spelled out everything we can think of in an effort to maximize your preparation for the Friday track day (sign up here)and the two-day race event. For the sake of maintaining our opportunity to return to racing at PIR for our September round, OMRRA general membership, all racers, all volunteers, all staff, and all of those that support our club and our sport are asking you to please comply with these requirements 100%. The changes are substantial. The requirements may feel uncomfortable for some. We are hoping that everyone will, at least while they are here with us at PIR, conform to the rules, practices and protocols spelled out in this attachment, and we ask that you do it kindly, acceptingly, and without resistance.

It has been a lot of work to get us to this point, and with our new changes and limited staff attendance, it is going to be a lot of work for us at the event. It would be amazing if everyone would play by the rules 100%, understand that this is not going to be perfect, and help us get through the race weekend as cleanly and safely as possible—on and off track.

As always, you may reach me directly at [email protected] or at my cell at (360) 907-1792 if you have any questions or comments. Thank you all in advance, and we’ll see you next weekend!

Mark Wilson and your OMRRA BOD

Novice Program Update

Novice Program

In addition to the on-track portion of NRS, novice racers must complete a classroom session. Classroom sessions have typically been held in-person, but this year it will be held virtually. The classroom session can be attended by anyone who are curious about racing for no cost (tell your friends!). Please register for the online classroom session at the link below:

OMRRA/WMRRA New Racer School Classroom June 14, 2020 10am-2pm

We previously announced three options for completing the on-track portion of NRS, and have now added a fourth. The OMRRA July NRS has been on the schedule, but we are still waiting for PIR to open and allow track days before we can provide certainty that this event will run.

  1. MotoVixens New Racer School on May 19, 2020 at the Ridge. – COMPLETED

  2. 2Fast New Racer School on May 28, 2020 at the Ridge. – COMPLETED

  3. 2Fast New Racer School on July 10, 2020 at Pacific Raceway

  4. OMRRA New Racer School on July 17, 2020 at PIR (pending PIR opening)

Here’s how to get signed up to become a licensed OMRRA novice racer:

  1. Submit forms to OMRRA

    1. New Racer Registration (If you plan to do NRS with 2Fast, do not pay OMRRA the $99 fee)

    2. Medical Form

    3. Membership Application

  2. Sign up for the on-track portion of New Racer School from the list above

    1. Pay fees directly to track day provider (if you plan to do on-track NRS with 2Fast)

    2. Pay $99 fee to OMRRA if you plan to do on-track NRS with OMRRA

  3. Attend the virtual NRS classroom session on June 14, 10am-2pm.

    1. Register here for NRS classroom session

Here are some answers to questions that you may have. Additional questions relating to the novice program can be sent to [email protected].

Q: If the July race round is cancelled will there be another on-track session for NRS?

A: Likely. OMRRA’s goal is to provide novice racers an opportunity to become licenced prior to our first race. Given the current uncertainty with the opening of PIR, we will be nimble and adapt.

Q: If I am unable to attend the classroom session on June 14, will there be additional dates?

A: This is the only classroom session scheduled at this time. Please make every effort to attend. Due to the short notice, another classroom session may be added closer to the first race round.

Q: How do I attend the classroom session? Can I call in from a phone?

A: The classroom will be held using Zoom, and the visual content will be presented using slides and videos. You need to access the meeting on a device that allows you to see the content (preferably a computer or tablet for the larger screen size, but a smartphone may also work for you ). Simply calling in via phone and listening is not adequate.

Q: Can I attend the classroom session while driving or mowing my lawn?

A: No, your full attention and interaction is required to earn credit for attending the classroom session. Please treat this time as if you were attending in person.

Existing OMRRA racers: remember, you can get free races if you refer a new racer. If they list you on their new racer school registration form, you get one free race for each weekend they race, within the same calendar year they do NRS (up to 3 free races).