2019 OMRRA Board of Directors Election Results

278 ballots sent. 229 ballots opened. 195 ballot responders. 

Chris Page: 77.2% with 149 votes
Shannon Lang: 22.8% with 44 votes

Vice President
Matt O’Rourke: 74.23% with 144 votes
Eric Gauerke: 25.77% with 50 votes

Tulio Celano: 69.07% with 134 votes
Star Herrmann: 30.93% with 60 votes

Taneka Burwell Means: 98.4% with 186 votes
Jason Doody: 1.6% with 3 write-in votes

Membership Representative
Josh McKay: 100% with 189 votes

Member at Large (two positions)
Alex Taylor: 84.02% with 163 votes
Mark Wilson: 64.95% with 126 votes
Justin Carr: 13.92% with 27 votes
Julie Razo: 28.87 with 56 votes

2019 Board Election

OMRRA members, the 2019 Board election process is as follows:
1.  All racing and non-racing members will receive an electronic ballot through Survey Monkey on Monday, September 3.  Per OMRRA Bylaws, frequent volunteers are granted non-racing memberships and voting rights.
2.  OMRRA voting is electronic-only, and ballots are sent to the email address on file in the OMRRA office.  Please send corrections or updates to [email protected] by 6 pm Wednesday, August 29.
3.  The voting period is 7 days.  If you do not submit a vote after 5 days, Survey Monkey will send you a single reminder.  Voting closes at 11:59 pm on Sunday, September 9.
4.  Votes will be tallied and results will be announced on the front page of omrra.com on Monday, September 10.
5.  2019 Board members begin their one-year term at the end of the Board meeting on October 17.
6. Concerns, problems or questions about the election process should be emailed to [email protected]
By now you should have received the candidate list and candidate statements via email from [email protected].  If you have not, please first check your promotions and spam folders.  If you don’t find the information there please email [email protected] with your correct current email address.