2017 OMRRA Pricing

Track Access

Daily Gate Fee $10 Under age 12 and uniformed military personnel-free
Season Gate Pass $95 Six events (12 days), one pass per person, good for one season
Season Vendor Pass $50 For businesses that directly support OMRRA racing (example:tires, fuel). One pass per worker per day, limited to non-racers
Season Photo Pass $50 Requires signed acknowledgement of OMRRA Photo Policy. Guarantees photographer track access each race day.
Vending $0 free with paid daily gate fee


Race Fees

(gate entry also required)
Registration Fee $40 Non-Refundable
1st Trophy Class $80 Refundable*
2nd Trophy Class $80 Refundable*
3rd Trophy Class $60 Refundable*
4th Trophy Class $60 Refundable*
5th Trophy Class $40 Refundable*
6th Trophy Class $40 Refundable*
7th Trophy Class + $20 Refundable*

Post-Entry Fee**

$60/weekend Non-Refundable**


* First trophy class is only refundable if rider does not turn a wheel at the event. If the rider does turn a wheel, in practice or race, the 1st trophy class is non-refundable.
** The normal entry deadline is Wednesday night, 11:59 pm, prior to the race weekend. All normal entries must be made through OMRRA’s TrackIntelligence system. A post-entry fee will be charged to any entries made after Wednesday, 11:59 pm prior to the race weekend.
*** Any registration or entry changes after Wednesday night at 11:59 pm, must be made in person with our registration team at the track.