2017 OMRRA Board Election Results

Chris Page, 115 votes
Drat Diestler, 2 write in votes

Vice President:
Matt O’Rourke, 109 votes
Eric Gauerke, 1 write in vote

Kevin Pinkstaff, 118 votes

Keith DiBrino, 119 votes

Membership Rep:
Tullio Celano, 114 votes

Member at Large:
Monta Knudson, 115 votes
Eric Gauerke, 104 votes
Derrick Edwards, 1 write in vote

2017 OMRRA Board Candidates

Chris Page                      President
Matt O’Rourke                Vice President
Keith DiBrino                   Treasurer
Kevin Pinkstaff                 Secretary
Tullio Celano                    Membership Rep
Monta Knudson               Member At Large
Eric Gauerke                    Member At Large

Electronic Survey Ballots will be sent out at 8am on August 22nd. Voting concludes at 5pm on August 28th. Votes for write-in candidates may be made on the electronic ballot.

If you are eligible to vote, you should have received an electronic ballot via email. Any questions and concerns should be sent to [email protected]